Saturday, March 24, 2007

March camping trip

These are just a few pictures from our camping trip last weekend. We had such a good time. The weather was perfect....well, aside from being a little chilly on Saturday morning and a little wind in the afternoon. We are hoping to go back to the same place in the next couple of weeks. There are bluebonnet plants everywhere out there and when they start popping, it will be beautiful!! The kids had a great time "exploring" on Sunday morning while we were packing up. We found an old rock chimney that I took some pictures of. A nice digging spot.
Bringing in the "heavy" equipment.
Gathering some small stuff for the fire.
She'd been chasing a butterfly.
A look at the Brazos.
The old chimney we found.
Just a few Bluebonnets have popped.
Still digging.
What's up, Bubba?

Isn't she cute with daddy's do-rag?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring has sprung.....

And the kids are having a blast! They would be outdoors from sun up to sun down if I let them. Wow, it has been a while since I have made any updates where do I begin?

We don't see much of Brandie, so I will start with her! She has a new job!! YAY!! Let's see if I can get this right.....correct me if I'm wrong, Brandie. She is going to be doing P.R. work for an Environmental Services company. Congrats again, kiddo!!!!

Sara has a new job too! She starts work tomorrow, at a steakhouse not far from home, as a waitress. This place is always packed, so the potential for good tip money is great! She seems pretty excited about starting. She turned 18 last week....I can't believe it, she has grown up so fast. She will be graduating at the end of May. It is looking like she will be moving south and getting an apartment with her sister. I am so excited for them....and maybe a little sad for me. At least they will not be too far away!! She also has a new pet. We have baby bunnies born in our yard every spring. This year it seemed that one got left behind when it's siblings moved on. We were able to catch her very easily. Sara latched onto her so Jeff told her she could keep her, but she was hers to take care of. We went and got her a cage and all the things she needed to get started. Now , when Sara is home, that silly bunny is with her! She loves to snuggle down in the pocket of her robe.Sara alway wants cheesecake for her birthday.
This is Thumper.
Wyatt had a great time playing basketball. His team lost only one game which put them in first place for the season. We were very happy with this first sporting experience and more than thrilled with his coaches. He ended up improving his game much more than I expected him too and he can really shoot that ball. Now we are on to T-ball. He and daddy have been playing catch in anticipation and it has obviously payed off. Some of the other boys on his team have played before, but he shows little sign of being behind them. He's a right handed kid, but he bats left handed.....I've been assured this is a good thing! He can really wack that ball too. Aside from sports, he is also doing great in school. He is very excited about being a first grader next year. He is reading very well, starting some simple math, learning to count money and would like to tell time.Playing basketball.
1st place trophy!, where do I begin?? Last night, she informed me that she found a snake. I explained that she should not mess with the snakes! (we have little brown snakes around here all the time) She acted a little funny about that and then I noticed that she had brought several lady bugs into the house with her. I ask her where the snake was.....she looked over at her baby doll swing! I asked her if she brought the snake in, she nodded yes and then very quickly said "maybe I didn't". I explained that she would not be in trouble(I just wanted to know where the damn snake was!!!!!), but that if she brought the snake in we needed to find it! She then started insisting that she did not bring it in the house and took me outside to show me where it was. Of course I didn't see it, but I have not seen one in the house either......*huge sigh*....not so much from relief, just because this is my Emily. She loves bugs, spiders, name it, if it comes from the outdoors, she loves it! Some days I wonder if I will survive this one!
She found a frog burrowed in a hole a couple of weeks ago....she had to settle with petting him since momma said she couldn't bring him in and keep him!
Ok, enough for now. I have a house to clean and laundry to do. I will have to make some more time to post again soon though. We went on a camping trip this past weekend and had so much fun.

Let me know what you think about this site. Better or worse....I want to know what you all think!


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