Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spelling Bee

Today was the first grade spelling bee. Wyatt has been studying his words really hard, especially the past several days. He did great! I was so proud of him!! He made it to round 5. They started with 24 (very nervous) little first graders on stage. At the beginning of round 5 there were 10 kids left. Wyatt got the first word in round 5....AIRPLANE. He had some difficulty with this word when he first started practicing, but the last few times I have drilled him, he had spelled it correctly. Today, he left the "E" off the end. He was disappointed, but he handled it ok.

Before school this morning

Waiting for his word to be given

With his teacher

The birthday girl

She got her chocolate cake with chocolate icing.....and LOTS of sprinkles! The weather was beautiful, although very windy, all weekend. We made it to the park for a little while on Sunday. I think she had a good fifth birthday....even if it was spread out a bit! She got gifts from Granny & Paw Paw and Sissy when we were down there for Christmas. Then we pretty much spread her birthday out over the entire weekend....happy birthday wishes on Friday, cake on Saturday, going to the park and spending birthday money from Grandma and Grandad on Sunday and finally getting some new boots from Momma and Daddy on Monday! Here are a few pictures.....

The beaters may have been the best part

We didn't have birthday hats, but New Years hats work just as well!

At the park on Sunday

Friday, January 4, 2008

My baby is FIVE!!!!

I'm not sure where the past five years have gone?! She is stubborn, bullheaded, opinionated and very determined....but when she is being sweet, she is very, very sweet!! We are going to have her cake tomorrow. She has requested that "we" make it....meaning her little hands will be right in the big middle of things. She also wants to go to the park, so lets hope the weather man is correct in his mid 70's prediction! I will post pictures from the weekend as soon as I can.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Parade pictures

The New Years parade in Dallas was yesterday. We drove a Longhorn Dodge truck and pulled a float. It was a very long, all day affair.....but I had a great time! If we get the chance to do it again, we know some things we will do differently! Anyway, these pictures were taken with my new camera.

Emmit Smith was the Grand Marshall

the local Fox station was a main sponsor

of course, being in Dallas there was a Cowboys float

lots and lots and lots of people!

the float we pulled and a picture of Wyatt on it after the parade

the parade ended up at the American Airlines Center...this is were the Mavs and the Stars play

Some Christmas pictures

These pictures are taken with my old camera, so some of them are not great. I didn't take many because of the way they were turning out.

check out the snoopy cat

Santa couldn't find Sissy and Sara, so he left their gifts at our house!

Pretty snappy looking kids, huh?


And with a new year comes a new look. Anyone who really knows me knows that I don't stay with one look for out with the old, in with the new! These colors should work for a while. I think what I really need to do is figure out how to code my OWN look.....blogger doesn't have many templates to choose from.
Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick greeting to all. We have some things we need to get done today, so this will be short. Jeff told me on Christmas to go pick out a new camera!! So after much reading, researching and self debating, I decided which one I wanted. He took me to get it on Sunday. I have taken a few pictures, but have not yet downloaded them to the computer. I will try to get that done later today and add another post.....with some pictures. In the mean time....I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR!!!!


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