Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Brandie!!!!

It just doesn't seem possible you could be 24 already!!! I don't have much memory of this day 24 years ago, but it was a great day all the same!!! I love you. I hope you have a great day celebrating, both your birthday and New Years Eve.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone reading a Merry Christmas! Here are Santa pictures from earlier this month. We are loading up and heading to Mom and Dad's this morning, so I will post pictures from this morning in the next few days. Hope you all have a great day!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ironic justice?

I was so ticked off this morning! I had just dropped the kids off at school and was heading back home when some JERK in a black Mustang blew by me....and the garbage truck in front of I was sitting still. He obviously didn't care one bit that there was also a car coming right at him. Well, as he passed me I had the same thoughts as I often do when other idiots do such things.....It would be great to see him pulled over up the road with a cop sitting behind him, or maybe slid off into a ditch! Ha.....what I saw instead was that little black Mustang wrapped around a tree in a mangled mess!! There were a couple of other cars that had come up on the side road that were already stopped and out to help....and I had daycare babies with I went ahead on. I just couldn't believe it.....having the thoughts that I'd had and then seeing that! Ok, so then I had just passed that and getting near home when a big truck was heading in my direction. Apparently he was not going fast enough for the 2 cars following him because they drove right around him, into my lane....headed right for me!! I almost came to a complete stop to avoid being hit! As the trucker passed by me, my hands and his were in the air as if to say "What the hell"?? I was really glad to get home. As if that wasn't quite bad enough.....I'm not finished yet! A little later, on the way home from picking Emily up, another impatient driver came flying up on my bumper. This time, there was a cop in the right place at the right time!! I gladly watched as he got pulled over!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

An up and down Friday

UP.......I got an email from Wyatt's teacher bright and early Friday morning with a subject line that simply said "YAY!!". Hmmm, wondered what she seemed so excited about even before school started? Wyatt made it into the 1st grade spelling bee!! That's pretty cool, we are excited too. He came home with list of words he can study over the holidays. Of course he thinks he's so smart that he already knows "most" of those words! Yep, he's a little on the (over) confident side! The spelling bee will be soon after they go back to school.

DOWN.....I finally gave up fighting Emily's cold symptoms with over the counter meds. I was able to get her into the doc on Friday morning. She has more than just a cold/cough.....he listened to her chest and back for a while because she is wheezing! He checked her out really well and sent us home with a breathing machine. So we have given her breathing treatments all weekend. After 24 hours we could tell a significant decrease in her coughing and she had a MUCH better night last night then she has had in a while! I could just kick myself......after going through asthma with Sara, I feel like I should have caught this much sooner! Of course, different kid = different treatment. I never had to do the breathing machine with Sara....but then she didn't have a lot of wheezing. She had more of the cough which made if hard for her breathing or to take a breath. She was on oral meds till the doc felt she was old enough for an inhaler. Thankfully, that is as far as Sara went. The doc always told me he felt like she would outgrow it. For the most part, I think she has. I guess only time will tell with Emily.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wow, time really is flying by!!

I've been looking through pictures. Some, because I am trying to get them ready to burn to disk. Others because I am looking to add them to scrap pages. Anyway, I found some I had taken a few summers ago. This one made me want to cry! They were still such babies.....Emily just past a year and a half and Wyatt a little past three. Sometimes they are still best friends!


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