Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Could be a looong summer!

It was 80 degrees here today. It made it up to 90 just a bit west of us. We are supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I admit I'm ready for winter to go away, but I'm NOT ready for summer! The kids are loving it though. They get home from school and barely make it into the house to drop their backpacks before they are outside playing....and we have to drag them back in as it's getting dark. A cold front is supposed to come through sometime on Friday....aah, back down into the 60's.

So, what kind of weather are you having??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A picture only post...

Gidget thought she was helping the kids with their Valentines

She also thinks my computer is HER computer

Emily has been practicing...and getting so much better!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Did you know there is a Blog Conference?

Actually, more than one. But there is a specific one that Kim is hoping to get to. It's the BlogHer conference in Chicago. You can read about it here, if you're interested. Anyway, Kim, aka Prairie Mama, is a finalist in a contest to win her way to the conference. We can help her get there simply by voting for her! Click here and she will take you to where you vote! See, it's that easy! While you're there, you should look around her blog. She has an etsy shop where she sells things she makes...yeah, she's crafty like that! She also has a beautiful family that she blogs about...kinda like I do here! Even if you don't have time to check out her blog, could you help her get to Chicago??

Friday, February 13, 2009

Awww, what a sweet kid....

sometimes! This morning she bounces out of bed all excited about passing her Valentine cards out at school today. She's in the middle of babbling on about it when all of a sudden she breaks into "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday"...umm, sorry Em it's not today! But it's Valentines day! Nope kiddo, not till tomorrow. She wasn't thinking that they are passing out Valentines a day early because of tomorrow being Saturday. She was a bit disappointed that it's not my birthday today...but decided that was okay, she could sing tomorrow! Add to that the "thanks for dropping us off, Momma" as she got out of the truck at school this morning and you could almost consider her downright sticky (sweet)!! When she wants to be....ONLY when she wants to be!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A FUN giveaway

Or maybe I should say a F*U*N*K giveaway! Actually, it's The Great F*U*N*K Giveaway over at Simply B, Simply Me. She is giving a lovely *made by her* purse!! Seriously, this bag is beautiful! Go on over, leave her a comment letting her know what you have in your purse and you are entered. Of course there are other ways to add more entries for yourself...but you'd be taking away MY chance at winning so keep that in mind!! Good luck to all!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

She's my girl!

This is what I heard coming from Emily....sitting in the backseat of the truck yesterday.
1, 2, 3...99, 100...108, 109, 200!
201, 202...208, 209, 300!
301, 302...308, 309, 400!

Just to be clear, the dot, dot, dot is just me skipping ahead. She really did count the numbers that should be there. She just did a lot of skipping between 109 and 200, 209 and 300...well, you get the point! It went on like this until she reached 1009. As you might guess...she then hit 2000!!! The thing is, she really can count properly!! I guess she just wanted to make it way up there and this was a pretty quick way of doing it.

Before this awesome counting, I was taking some pictures of the kids playing outside. I had called for Em to come to me and she was not happy about it....you might see a hint of *pout* in her face.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A wonderful start to the season!!!

Oh yeah, that was my driver in winners circle tonight!!


Please be patient while I attempt to work on codes to make some changes I'd like to see on here. Taking a break now....Jeff is taking us to lunch!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

At dinner last night, Jeff and I were attempting to have a conversation. Emily starts with "Momma...Momma....MOMMA"! I stopped talking and looked at her. Instead of taking that as a *chill out a sec, I'm talking to your father*, she assumed it was her cue to speak. "Did it hurt to get Bubba out of your tummy"? She was quickly reminded that it is rude to interrupt when someone is talking. That conversation was safely delayed for a while longer!

As far as the boy is concerned, because of that dinner last night....I am THE "best mom ever"!! His words, not mine. Only because I fixed a meal I almost never fix. We had fat, juicy hamburgers, french fries and grape soda! In my own defense, the french fries were actually baked not fried. I've been hungry for a good burger and don't the best ones come from home anyway?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who are you and what have you done with my children?

It doesn't happen often, so when the kids are getting along and being nice to one another....well, it just sorta freaks me out! And to make it even more strange, they are not fussing with me!! Of course it might, maybe, possibly have something to do with the fact that I let them have candy *gasp* for their snack today. This sweet treat is compliments of our neighbor. She brought them each a Valentines treat the other day. Overly nice children and the following pictures are the result of said treat! Thanks Freda.....they loved it!! :)

My 100 year old kids

They were so excited about today! I found each of them a pair of glasses that looked suitable enough and they each had a cane. Wyatt wore his slippers and a warm sweater. Em had saggy stockings and I put her hair in a bun. I thought they looked pretty cute, but more importantly THEY thought they looked old!!
I guess this is his *old* face??
The crowns....that's story enough for a whole nuther post!! :(

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If you were 100 years old...

What would you wear? That's the question of the day! Tomorrow is the 100th day of school in our district. They will celebrate being 100 days smarter by dressing as if they were 100 years old and wearing a crown (that we will make tonight) that has 100 things drawn or glued to it. I'm thinking...hair in a bun, funky horn-rimmed looking glasses and droopy stockings for Em? Pants pulled a little high, a cardigan type sweater and old glasses for Wyatt? Any other ideas?? Please, I'll take all you can give me...just leave them in the comment box! I'm off now to see what I can find...hoping the dollar store might have some funky looking glasses. Wish me luck and leave me a comment!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nuff said....

Steelers 27
Cardinals 23

Getting ready for spring--clean up

Yes, I realize it is early...but I can't help myself when I see my spring bulbs coming up! This is Texas after all. We are having spring like weather today so what better time to get outdoors, enjoy the weather and get some work done. I pulled a bunch of stuff out of my flower beds that was left from last summer...yes, it has been dead and brown for some time now! I have daffodils and hyacinths that have been up for more than a week...can't wait to see those blooms. My rose bush also has several new shoots coming on. January is over....it had it's chance to snow, it didn't now I'm ready for warmer temps! Of course I'm not naive enough to think that we have seen the last of winter. So we loaded up our wood pile again...preparing for another fire at a moments notice.
The kids enjoyed their time outdoors too. They rode bikes, shot baskets and made sure the swings still worked....they do! OK, so they do all those things year around here....but it's more fun in the spring.
Now we are preparing to watch the BIG GAME!!! We have a divided house though. The boy is sucking up...I mean siding with Momma. Jeff and Emily are cheering for the Cardinals...mostly because they are the underdogs, I think. Honestly, if it weren't for the Steelers playing, I would be with Jeff and Em. But since I have been a Steelers fan for as long as I can remember...GO STEELERS!!!
Whatever you happen to be doing on this first day of February, I hope it is a great day for y'all too!!


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