Friday, November 30, 2007

Could I stop time...for just a little while?

It just seems to be flying by! I can't believe that by the time I finish typing this post it will be December 1st. Oh update on our November.

I don't have many pictures for this post. I think my camera is trying to die on me! Sometimes it will take just beautiful pictures, but mostly they are really strange looking. I'm pricing new ones so hopefully after the first of the year I will find the one I want at the price I want it! Lets just hope I get a few good Christmas pictures out of this one before it goes completely blank!

We have had unbelievable weather...very warm for November. As a matter of fact, up until the day before Thanksgiving the kids were still playing outdoors in shorts and t-shirts. It has finally cooled off and our temps are more seasonable now. Thanksgiving was good. The kids and I headed south to see the girls and mom & dad. We got to spend a couple of days visiting, have Thanksgiving lunch and then headed home in time to make it to Jeff's mom and dads for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a busy day!

The day after Thanksgiving is when Fort Worth has their annual Christmas Parade.....a Parade of Lights. The dealership where Jeff works supplies pickup trucks and drivers to pull some of the floats. When they came looking for volunteers, Jeff signed us up! We were in a very nice truck, pulling a beautiful float in the parade. It was so much fun. We were hanging out in the "drivers" area before the start....and guess who came up to look for his float? Yep, Santa....and Mrs. Clause too of course! The kids were more than thrilled!! He came over and talked to them for a minute and gave them each some candy. They were so excited. Longhorn also supplies trucks for the Cotton Bowl Parade....we are supposed to be pulling a float in that one too! We can't wait! If it happens, I will post an know, so if you are watching on TV you can look for our float!!

The kids are good. Both still loving and doing well in school. At this point, even though I know she is learning, I would have to say it is some serious social time for Miss Em! She has made a couple of little friends and by the way she talks, they are pretty much stuck together like glue! Wyatt finally lost a tooth. I wondered if he would ever let me close enough to touch it. When I was finally able to get a good hold on it, he started to freak out till he realized it was already out. Then he was just excited about the tooth fairy coming....goofy kid!

The kids made some pine cone turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not one, not two.....

not even three, but FOUR loose teeth!!!! I couldn't believe it. Wyatt was talking to me this morning and I guess I looked at him just right and thought something looked a little funny with his teeth. I checked and sure enough the one I thought looked funny was loose. So I checked some others and the two front top and bottom teeth are all loose! One on the bottom will be gone soon I'm thinking. He has already decided it might hurt to pull them, so they have to come out all by themselves. Ummm....yeah, ok son. It seems that's what at least one of the girls thought too!! ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fun at the track

Wyatt and I had a great time yesterday! We came home with tons of free stuff, some CHEAP Dale Jr. jackets, and Wyatt got a new Elliott Sadler shirt and cap. The boy got to build a wooden Jimmy Johnson car at the Lowes display(and then went back and built another for Emily)....and Momma got a gift card for a free Kobalt screwdriver. He got to race a remote control car.

We watched the cup drivers take the track for practice....twice.

The race itself was great for driver won!!!! Go Kevin Harvick!!!!

I actually had to wake Wyatt up to watch the finish. Yep, about half way through, he fell asleep! We were practically the only ones in our row, so I just laid him down and put my jacket under his head and he slept.

Before he went to sleep, he got to see a couple of pretty good wrecks happen right there in turn 4 where we were sitting. He also really enjoyed listening to the scanner! After the race, instead of waiting for a tram back to the campground, the two of us started walking. From our seats, it wasn't a very long walk. Paw Paw came looking for us though and gave Wyatt a ride back on his shoulders! Granny fixed steak and baked potatoes for dinner and we just chilled out (well, Wyatt ran around being a goof) and had a good visit. Like I said, we had a great day, but we were exhausted when we got home!

Sitting in a Jeff Gordon show car

View from our seats


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