Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cool kids and pumpkins

So I got lazy this year and decided NOT to carve pumpkins.  Instead we went with the "Mr. Pumpkin Head" decorations....that's not really what they are called, but what I have been calling them.  Emily was thrilled, Wyatt not so much.  He thought HE should get to carve his own.  When he finally realized that I would not put a knife in his hands and that he could choose the face to put on his if he took my approach, he gave in pretty willingly.  This is the end result....I thought they looked pretty cute!

This is Red Ribbon (drug awareness) week at school.  They play it up by doing/wearing something special each day.  Tuesday they could wear their sunglasses.  It was also the day for the pumpkin parade.  They kids could bring their carved/decorated pumpkins and join the parade at the end of the day.  I snapped a few pictures of my cool kids with their pumpkins before I took them to school!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just having some fun.....

Decorating cookies....YUM!!

Playing in a bounce house.

Emily danced again this weekend

She is absolutely loving her dance classes!  She seems to have plenty of confidence in herself until she goes on stage and then she feels the need to keep an eye on the other girls to make sure she is doing what she should be....I guess it will all come together in time. She did one dance this weekend that she did a couple of weeks ago and Jeff and I could see a real improvement in what she was doing.  Practice makes perfect, huh?  Here are some pictures from her latest performance....


Monday, October 19, 2009

Emily in costume for her first performance this year

Hmmm, this doesn't happen often.  Usually the camera is in MY hands!

She might be a bit prissy!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Puppy sitting

A couple of weeks ago some friends of ours ask if
we could keep their puppy for the weekend.  Of course we took advantage of that opportunity!!  We had such fun with this little guy.  Romeo is a miniature Yorkie with a HUGE personality!  He loves to be held and loved on, but he also loved playing with the kids....and the cats! :)

Busy Times!

I know, not really a good excuse...but that's all I've got!  We really have had a lot going on in the last few weeks though!  Let's see.....the kids went to a birthday party, we've had lots of school stuff going on, Emily has had a dance performance, the kids and I made a trip south to see Mom and Dad and Brandie got engaged!!! (OK, well maybe I shouldn't claim that last thing as an excuse for not blogging, but in my defense we have been dress hunting.)  That's just a bit of what we've been up too.  We have that much and more coming up in the next few weeks!
So the birthday party the kids went to was at Build A Bear.  They had such a great time!  Emily picked a kitty to stuff and then dressed her in a ballerina outfit....very appropriate!  Wyatt stuffed a dog and found a NASCAR outfit....he was thrilled!   

School has been good for both kids so far.  We haven't had any absences yet (knock on wood!).  Wyatt is signed up to do safety patrol.  They do six week rotations and he can't wait till his turn comes around.  Emily is on the student council this year.  They had their planning meeting last week to discuss the projects they will be working on this year.  Between that and dance, she is going to be one busy little girl this year!  Along with her tap and ballet, she added a jazz class to her schedule.  She is also in a performance class on Wednesday afternoons.  In that class they are learning short routines that can be performed on fairly short notice.  She had one such performance a couple of weeks ago and has another next week.  They will then spend November learning a new set of dances to do for Christmas performances in and around the community.  She is really enjoying her dance!  As if she doesn't keep us busy enough, Wyatt will start basketball in about a month.
We've had lots and lots of rain to deal with in the last few weeks!  The temps have cooled off nicely too, but with all the rain, the kids have been stuck inside more than they like to be.  

In the next few weeks we have the fall carnival at school, the kick off for the canned food drive for student council, 2 planned camping trips, Jeff's birthday and Wyatt is going to the NASCAR race with Sissy (shhhh, he doesn't know about this!!)


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