Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maybe she didn't need those whiskers after all?

Lucy came in to greet me this usual. What was not usual is the way she looked! Wyatt was already up so I ask him, who CUT Lucy's whiskers? Emily did....*sigh*. So when I got Em up, I ask her why she cut them? Cause they were too long! So we had a conversation about what we cut and what we do not cut....the cats whiskers and HAIR were at the top of the do not cut list!! Lets hope she doesn't decide her hair is "too long"!!

If you look really close, you might see the difference in whisker length....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too big for their own good!

So this morning on the way to school, the kids informed me that I could just take them to the back. The back of the school is the car drop off line! I guess they were telling me that I was NOT to go into the building with them today. Little did they know, I had NO intention of going in today.....I simply ran a brush thru my hair and put on my grungy cleaning clothes this morning. Yep, my house will wonder what I'm up to in just a bit!

They did have a great day yesterday though. While I was waiting to pick them up, Emily came down the steps with a HUGE smile on her face! Before she could even get in the truck she started telling me what a great day she'd had and going on about it....going to the gym for PE was a very important part of it as was going to the *BIG* playground for recess (in pre-k they go to a small playgound area)! Wyatt seemed to enjoy changing classes and having 3 teachers. Funny, going to the gym for PE has always been a favorite part of his day too.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A new school year...a new experience!

Both kids were so excited this morning! I'm glad they both like school so much. We went to meet their teachers and took all their supplies last week so they knew exactly were they were going this morning. Emily is thrilled to be in kinder and able to stay all day this year! Second graders rotate thru 3 teachers, so Wyatt will have some busy days ahead as he adjust to his new schedule. They were more than ready to get the new year started and for Momma and Daddy to leave!

Momma on the other hand....well, I feel like I am starting a new chapter of my own! I did something this morning that I've never done. I came home, after dropping the kids off, to an empty house and no job of my own to go to! I have to say, this is a really weird feeling. The house is so quiet! I am going to give the house a really good cleaning and (hopefully) enjoy the quiet. I have a lunch date with a dear friend this week and plan to get some things done that I have been putting off or have not taken/had the time to do.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just some stuff...

So have you been watching any of the Olympic coverage? We sure have! Wyatt has loved keeping up with the swimming. You might say he has become a Michael Phelps fan. We have also watched quite a bit of the gymnastics and diving. It has been fun watching the kids get into it.

Only one more week till school starts back up. The kids are ready, me not so much! They can't wait to see their friends again. They each got a letter from their teacher last week inviting us to "Meet the teacher" night this week.

It seems things are finally going to fall into some sort of "normalcy"(if that were even a word!) with Jeffs work! If you didn't know, he found out in late April the dealership he was working for was going to close their doors.....less than a week after they made the announcement! Needless to say it was a little nerve racking. To make a long story short, he didn't have any trouble finding a job, it has just taken a LOT of patience waiting for things to settle into place at the new job. Finally, instead of working nearly every Saturday, he is going to have more weekend time to spend with us. So we will be planning more camping trips. We had such a good time a couple of weeks ago, we can't wait to go again.

Ok, at the moment, that is our life in a nutshell! Hopefully I will have some good first day of school pictures to post next week. Untill then, here are a couple more that I have taken this summer. (the first one is with Freda, our friend across the street...her son had the go cart and the kids loved it when she would come pick them up for a ride around the neighborhood...we have yet to break the news to them that he sold the go cart!)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our latest camping trip

Even though it was between 105 and 110 over the weekend, we had a great time! We took the kids to Dinosaur World on Saturday. We saw "life size" dinosaurs, the kids went on a "fossil dig" and of course they both got souvineers before we left! Sunday we took a drive into a local town and checked out the area. We had lunch and just enjoyed being anywhere there was an AC!! We drove a few more miles to check out another State Park before heading back to the camper. The kids got to swim in the river and a lake. They chased "critters" around our campsite and we drove around the campground looking for deer. It was a fun, relaxing weekend!! Of course I took a ton of pictures!

Heading across the river looking for dinosaur tracks

Posing with some of the first dinosaurs we came across

Getting really hot and sticky on the trail

I just thought this was a cool shot

"Digging" for fossils

We really needed a cold drink when we finished

Bath time!

Swimming in the lake

Running for the beach after seeing a SHARK! Actually it was a turtle, but it took some convincing for Wyatt to believe that! It was quite funny!!

Looking for the "shark"/turtle

You can see it's head in this shot...along the far left side towards the top of the picture

Checking out the "tracks"

One of the critters we followed

And another....a baby armadillo!! The kids loved this one....Emily wanted soooo badly to pet it!!!


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