Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fort Worth Parade of Lights

We pulled a float again this year. Again, we had a great time! The kids got to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus and met up with Captain, the Texas Rangers Mascot. It was reported that the crowd was larger this year than ever before....there were areas that people were standing/sitting 10 and 12 deep! It was crazy! The wet weather moved out just in time, although it was still pretty chilly. We pulled the Fort Worth Arts Festival float. It was great! On the float was a local trio of jazz musicians....we listened to some awesome Christmas music through the entire parade!!
Getting a hug from Captain
The float we pulled
The kids in their new Christmas hats

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

Just wanted to send a greeting out before we head south for the day. I get to spend Thanksgiving with all four of my kids....and a bunch of other family too...Mom & Dad and Aunt Linda & Uncle Bob and their gang! Should be a great day with a TON with of great food!! So to everyone reading, a Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Surgery is over...

Tubes are in and adenoids are out. He did fine during surgery, recovery was a bit of a different story though! Long story short, we were there a couple of hours longer than we should have been. He is fine though, we are home, he is eating like a horse and driving momma other words Wyatt is perfectly normal!! He kept the nurses entertained and decided the hospital is NOT a bad place to be. Of course not, he had the all you can eat Popsicle bar (5 Popsicle's plus a cup of Gatorade in the two and half hours he was in recovery) and video games....he was in hog heaven!! Thank goodness today is now behind us!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Saturday to all!!

Been a busy week! Gonna be a busy weekend! We have plenty to do outside, but more importantly we are going to put up all the Christmas stuff! Brandie and Davy came last weekend and put the lights on the house for us. I put the lights up on the front porch this week and pulled everything else out of the closet. Hopefully, if not tonight then tomorrow, I will have some new pictures to put on here. Until then....have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some quick kid stuff

Wyatt had his appointment with the ENT yesterday. We have scheduled surgery for tubes the week of Thanksgiving. He still has lots of fluid behind one eardrum and in that ear he is hearing very little.

Emily came out of her room ready for school this morning....including her shoes being tied! She was very proud of herself. She had tied them all by herself....and she didn't do it the way momma was teaching her! A friend at school had taught her an "easier" way. Ok kiddo, whatever works for you!!!

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago. This duck would NOT leave the kids alone! In this shot Emily was trying to explain that he should be sharing with all his friends and not trying to snatch all the bread in her hands. It didn't work! He did not go back into the water till all the bread was gone and we walked away.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A long week!

But I am finally getting on here to post a few pictures from our day at the track last Sunday. Wyatt and I had a great time! The race (as races go) was pretty boring. Wyatt and I both enjoyed listening to the scanner at the end though because it ended up being a fuel mileage race. It was fun listening in to see who thought they could make it, who hoped to make it and who absolutly could NOT make it on the fuel they had. I had forgotten just how HUGE the crowd is at a Cup race! It was so nerve racking trying to keep a hand on my boy to keep up with him with all those people.

I have started a new job. I am a "lunch lady"! Yep, I am working for the school district in the child nutrition department. I'm not a permanent worker, just subbing for now. So far I have only worked in an elementary....but it was not the kids school so they are wondering when I get to work at their school.

Wyatt had basketball tryouts today. His coach from last year is not coaching this year, so Wyatt had to go into the draft to be picked up by another coach. When all was said and done, we found out that Wyatt was one of the first ones to be picked! We thought he looked pretty good, but I guess we might be a bit biased! Anyway, the coach that picked him up had the number one team last year. Lets hope he measures up!

That's all for now. Another long, busy week ahead so I likely will not be on to blog. Y'all have a great week!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun at the track and trick or treating

The kids missed school yesterday and we spent the entire day at the track! We had such a good time. There were several drivers that made appearances and one of Wyatt's favorites (Elliott Sadler) was on the Speed stage. We watched lots of practicing and qualifying. The kids each got a new cap, checked out some cool go-carts, got to build a car at the Lowes display and finally had a great time trick or treating. We didn't stay to see all of the truck race....the kids were exhausted by then...but we listened to the end on the radio on the way home. It was a great day! Wyatt and I are looking forward to tomorrow though....when we go back to watch the Cup race!
Emily getting Casey Mears autograph
Checking out the go-carts
Building new cars from Lowes
Posing with Elliott Sadler's car
Up close with Sparky!
Trick or Treating fun


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