Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time on my hands.....

My daycare babies are sick today! I guess you could tell something was up with all the new post today. I should be doing some extra cleaning to get ready for company......but that's not happening. Instead I am catching up on some computer stuff! Ok, well I am up and down from here doing some cleaning. I'm just not used to having the house all to myself!! I'm about to get off here now though....going to take advantage of the time and go have lunch with the kids. Hope everyone is having a great day!!

Aunt Linda is at it again!!

Thanks again......Emily just loves it and so does Momma!!

Granny was thinking that I told her 50's day was Friday (for homecoming week spirit/dress up). So she and Aunt Linda got the great idea of making Em this adorable skirt and sending to her. Well, 50's day was actually on Monday and the skirt came in the mail (as a HUGE surprise) on Tuesday! Ha.....there is absolutely NO disappointment about it missing 50's day on this end though! She loves this skirt so much, I wasn't sure I was going to get it off her last night. She put it on to make sure it fit....and then we had to take pictures....and then she had to dance around it, you know, to make sure it twirled properly!! Reluctantly, she took it off then. When daddy got home from work, it would not be enough to SHOW him the skirt....she had to try it on again!! I'm thinking this will be great for Halloween. They have another week later in the school year where they "dress up" every day.....I'm thinking it is drug awareness week. Anyway, there is usually a 50's day thrown in that week so Emily will be prepared this year!! Thank you Granny and Aunt Linda...this was a great surprise!!!

We're having company!!!

Sissy is coming up this weekend! I made the mistake of mentioning this to Emily a couple of weeks ago....before Brandie even confirmed that she was coming. She brought me her school folder, which has a calendar in it. She ask me to show her the day that Sissy would be here! Needless to say, she has been bugging me about it ever since. Every few days she will bring me her folder, point to the day and say "this is when Sissy is coming, right?".

Granny, Paw Paw, Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob are coming this weekend too!! We are going up to Texas Motor Speedway with them to watch some dirt track racing Saturday night. We are VERY excited....especially Wyatt!!! He really doesn't have a clue of what to expect.....but it's racing so he is excited!! I guess I better remember to take my camera. Anyway, I had no intention of mentioning this visit to the kids until the last minute....simply because they get so excited and drive us nuts about it. Well, Emily listens/hears way more than I guess I had imagined. After a phone conversation with Mom the other day, Emily announces to Bubba that Granny and Paw Paw are coming next weekend!

We also get to see Sara very soon!!! She has an ortho appointment next week so she is coming up a day early to she can spend some time with us. Needless to say, I am keeping my bigmouth shut about this visit!! The kids will be thrilled with her surprise visit after seeing everyone else too.

So, we get to see them all now......and again in a few weeks. The kids and I are headed down for a weekend visit next month. Ummm, I'll be attempting to keep that trip to myself as well!!

It's been busy around here.

This is homecoming week.....which means a "dress up" day everyday this week! Monday was 50's, Tuesdsay Camo, today jammies, tomorrow college/pro shirt and Friday will be purple and gold school shirts. There was the homecoming parade in town on Monday evening. The kids enjoyed that. Monday evening was also the first night of baseball practice.....yup, that's right baseball.....not t-ball! There was some sort of mix up and Wyatt was put on a coach pitch team. He is old enough, we just thought another season of t-ball would do him good. After thinking about it, we've decided this will be for the best. This is the more laid back season so a better opportunity to get him up to speed with the coach pitch league. Here are some pictures from this week. I will post some of the rest of the week when I get the chance.
50's day

Em didn't have a camo shirt so she had to borrow one from Bubba

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mr. Bear!

So Wednesday Wyatt came home and wanted to know who the "leader" of Texas is. Jeff ask if he meant the Governor? Yes, that's what he meant. Jeff told him it was Rick Perry. Wyatt was so excited.....if he was the first one to give that answer to his teacher the next morning, he would get to bring Mr. Bear home for the night. We took the opportunity to discuss who the President is while we had him on the subject. That was a little more than he was interested in.....after all, he only needed to the know the Governor! Well since I don't get the kids to school until just before the tardy bell rings, I didn't expect him to come home with the bear. Ha....I was wrong! I talked to his teacher after the fact. She said it was so funny, she saw him come into the class from across the room. He came in with a mission. He went straight to her and said "Rick Perry"! He was one of the last ones in, but the first one to give her a name. Needless to say he was pretty excited about having Mr. Bear for the night.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do we.....or don't we??

So today is the day we sign up for fall T-ball. We had been planning to start Emily this fall because we have been told the fall season is less hectic and is more laid back. Since she is younger we thought that would be a good thing. Well, I've been thinking and Jeff and I have been talking and we have decided not to put her in for now. Jeff was kind of feeling like maybe we should wait another year (Wyatt was just shy of 6 when he started and Em won't even be 5 till January!). I think we need to find something that is "hers".......Bubba has his thing (sports) and Em could have her thing. So I think I will start looking for some sort of tumbling/dance class that we can try out. As much as she loves being outdoors with the bugs and snakes and frogs, she also loves to wear dresses and have painted nails and pretty hair things. Anyway, I discussed this idea with her. Her first questions was......"you mean like a ballerina?" Ha, maybe a dance class is just what we need!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Just an update

We are two weeks into school and the excitement has not dwindled! Well, they don't want to get up in the mornings, but they are still really excited about going to school. As a matter of fact, yesterday when I told Em that it was Friday and she didn't have to go to school *tomorrow* she got upset! It's funny at the school drop off. There are several faculty members at both the bus and car drop off points to help the kids out of vehicles and into the building. Well, the ladies that help at the car lane laugh at Emily. She always bounces out of the truck and is so happy to be there....her excitement is very obvious! I've gotten emails from Wyatt's teacher telling us what a great kid he is, how excited she is to have him in her class, how "awesome" he is.......ummm, is she really talking about our boy???? I guess if he is going to be a monster somewhere, I'd rather it be right here at home!


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