Sunday, April 15, 2007

Some birthday pictures

Wyatt turned 6 earlier this month.....hard for momma to believe! He couldn't wait to turn six and now he's talking about turning 7. We just did our usual......momma baked him a chocolate cake, he opened what gifts were left to open and we sang Happy Birthday. He got his gift from Granny and PawPaw a couple of weeks before his birthday....2 NASCAR car pillows. I could tell a funny, funny story about when he opened them, but it was one of those "you had to be there" sort of stories. A quick, typed up version......He has several drivers that he likes/keeps up with during a race. Kasey Kahne is one of them.....Jeff Gordon is not. Well, he opened a box that had pillows in the shape of these 2 drivers' cars. He pulled the Kasey pillow out saying AWESOME!!! Granny ask him about the one he left in the box.....the look on his face said it all as he said "I don't want that one"!! He wasn't being purposefully rude....and all that were there knew that, but momma still had a talk with him about being appreciative when receiving a gift! We also talked about how just because he isn't his favorite driver, doesn't mean he can't play and have fun with the pillow. He now plays with and crashes both equally!! The weekend before his birthday, he got a card with cash in it from Grandma and Grandad. He bought his batting helmet and equipment bag with that. Momma and Daddy got him his bat and he got a Texas Rangers shirt and some extra balls with money from Uncle Todd & Aunt Kerri and Uncle Paul & Aunt Carol. When all was said and done, he had a great 6th birthday!!!

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