Tuesday, October 9, 2007

School picture day.....

and Wyatt's first baseball game. I don't have pictures for this post though. Just thought I would add a quick update.
Emily didn't have a clue what to expect on picture day.....but she sure was excited about it! She was asking me a couple of questions on the way to school and Bubba piped in and took over the conversation....giving her the low down on how picture day works. He assured her that it was "cool". Yep, that's my goofy kids! They both seem to be doing really well in school. We will find out for sure on Thursday.....parent/teacher conference day.
Wyatt also had his first baseball game tonight. Actually it was supposed to be last night, but they called it because of bad weather. I have not been going to practices because they run past the kids bedtime......Emily stays home with me so that I at least have one of them in bed at a decent time! Anyway, Jeff seemed to think the game may not go so well for our team. We have a couple of kids that......well, lets just say that appropriate behavior is NOT a priority at their house! Those kids behaved just as we had expected. However, when all was said and done....our team only lost by one point. The kids who were there to play, played really well. That included Wyatt! He made three really good hits, scored 2 runs and got a man out on second....which is where he was playing tonight.
I have some pictures that I need to post.....but it is my bedtime so I'm not taking the time to do it tonight. Hopefully I will have them up sooner rather than later! I hope all is well with everyone. Leave us a comment so we know you've been here reading! Goodnight...sweet dreams!!

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