Saturday, February 9, 2008

I've been tagged!!

By Ryan!!! Instructions: If your name is on the list of people tagged, copy and paste into a new post and change the answers to whatever you love!

Places I want to go:
1. Bristol Tennessee.....for a the night race!!!!
2. Disney World with the kids...and maybe again w/o the kids!:)
3. Las Vegas
4. Up and down the east coast
5. Up and down the west coast

I like to eat:
1. Chocolate Brownies ;)
2. Mexican food
3. Chocolate Cake;)
4. Pizza King Pizza....the salads are pretty awesome too!
5. Chocolate Fondue;)....ummm, with fruit as my dippers

My play list contains:
1. George Strait
2. Kenny Chesney
3. Faith Hill
4. Trace Adkins
5. Simply Red

I buy clothes at:
1. Lane Bryant
2. Target
3. JCPenny
4. Wal-Mart
5. Old Navy

I watch these TV shows:
1. ER
2. Survivor
3. Brothers & Sisters
4. Rules of Engagement
5. Big Brother

Things I like to do:
1. Camping
2. Going to the races at TMS
3. Snuggling with the kids!
4. Going out to dinner
5. Spend quiet time with just doesn't happen often!

I’m tagging:
1. Brandie

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