Monday, September 29, 2008

A visit to the Lazy P

The Lazy P is what Phillip calls his little piece of land. Phillip is one of Jeff's best friends. Ok, well he was one of Jeff's best friends when we got married, I now claim him as a very dear friend of my own...along with his girlfriend Lisa. So anyway, we went for a visit yesterday afternoon. The kids had a blast! You see, Phillip and Lisa are not the only residents at the Lazy P. There are also 2 horses, a miniature donkey, a racoon, several dogs and most recently discovered....a family of baby skunks! I could not believe how adorable they were! Yes, I took a bunch of pictures....just hoping to get a couple of good ones to put on here.
Of course I took a bunch of pictures in general. The kids loved petting the donkey.
They thought they were being a huge help pulling the water hose around to add to the water tubs.
Lisa told them they were lil' ranch hands in training!
We certainly didn't intend on invading their time for so long, but the kids were having so much fun and Jeff & I having such a great visit with Phillip and Lisa....well, it was a great way to spend a Sunday evening!

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Brandie said...

It looks so pretty...and skunks really are quite cute animals, as long as they aren't frightened. And that little donkey is absolutely adorable!! I will have to go with ya'll sometime and meet him and the raccoon too!! :D Haha...well, first I have to get myself and all my crap up there.


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