Sunday, November 9, 2008

A long week!

But I am finally getting on here to post a few pictures from our day at the track last Sunday. Wyatt and I had a great time! The race (as races go) was pretty boring. Wyatt and I both enjoyed listening to the scanner at the end though because it ended up being a fuel mileage race. It was fun listening in to see who thought they could make it, who hoped to make it and who absolutly could NOT make it on the fuel they had. I had forgotten just how HUGE the crowd is at a Cup race! It was so nerve racking trying to keep a hand on my boy to keep up with him with all those people.

I have started a new job. I am a "lunch lady"! Yep, I am working for the school district in the child nutrition department. I'm not a permanent worker, just subbing for now. So far I have only worked in an elementary....but it was not the kids school so they are wondering when I get to work at their school.

Wyatt had basketball tryouts today. His coach from last year is not coaching this year, so Wyatt had to go into the draft to be picked up by another coach. When all was said and done, we found out that Wyatt was one of the first ones to be picked! We thought he looked pretty good, but I guess we might be a bit biased! Anyway, the coach that picked him up had the number one team last year. Lets hope he measures up!

That's all for now. Another long, busy week ahead so I likely will not be on to blog. Y'all have a great week!!

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