Thursday, January 14, 2010


We've been talking for some time now about getting a new puppy.  Jeff and I decided we wanted one that would stay on the small side....mostly because I wanted an inside dog this time and while I loved Bailey, he just was too big to be an inside dog.  A small dog will be a bit easier to take camping with us too!  So I've been searching and checking out craigslist.  Last weekend we took the kids to a few places to look at some puppies.  Of course they wanted the first one we saw....and all of them after the first one too!!  We ended up at the same shelter I adopted Lucy and Gidget from.  That's were we found Charlie!  He is a 3 month old Dachshund mix....with some Jack Russell Terrier we think.  So far he is a very good puppy.  He does very well in his crate and has obviously had someone working with potty training.  He wants so badly to play with the cats, but of course they are NOT so thrilled with him!  Gidget is getting used to him and will actually come nose to nose to check him out occasionally, but Jade stays far away and as HIGH as she can get!  He has been very entertaining for us this week.


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