Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Graduation.....and after Graduation

Ok, so I'm slow! Most of you already know this! I'm using the excuse that I've been busy. Actually, I have been. This home childcare thing that I have been trying to get going, well it is finally making some progress! I am so excited to have a couple of kiddos! They are both temporary and part time....but at least I finally have some kids. I interviewed with a momma a couple of weeks ago who has twins.....cute, cute girls. I hope to start keeping them (full time and permanent) in August. Anyway.....my new "business", that's my excuse!

So, we have a new graduate in our house....YAY!!!! Sara didn't exactly have the best senior year, so this was as much of a "relief to finally have it over with" as it was exciting. The ceremony went great....a little long, but great. Granny, Paw Paw, Aunt Linda, Uncle Bob, Aunt Kerri, Kayla, Chris, Sissy, Momma, Jeff, Wyatt and Emily were all there to see her walk the stage and get her diploma.

Walking to her seat.

A "group" shot.

Heading to the stage.

Group HUG!!!!

After graduation we went home so that us girls......and Chris.....could get ready to go out! At about 10:30 pm we headed "out". To do what, we weren't really sure. That was up to Sara. As it turned out, she wanted to go get a tattoo......and Sissy had told her she would pay for it for her graduation present. So off we went. Of course Momma had her camera....and of course I took pictures of the process. Well, I took pictures of Sara's face during the process! She got her Zodiac symbol on the small of her back. After that we went to have breakfast before heading home. I think she had a good time.

I think these pictures speak for themselves! Obviously the last picture of her expressions was more of a "get that camera out of my face"!!! And of course there is the end result.

We had her party on Saturday, but I don't have those pictures resized yet. Give me a few days and I will get those up.

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I like your tattoo!!


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