Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ten Buck Two???

I'm visiting Mom and Dad this week. The kids played outside yesterday and had such a good time, but they came in sweaty and stinking!! Wyatt objected to having a shower, "cause I already took one earlier"! So he wondered if we were going someplace. Yep, we're going to ten buck two! Well not only did that get him into the shower, but it also brought on the questions. Is it fun there? Do they have toys there? Do we get to play there? You name it, they have ask it. That's not the fun part though! All day long we have heard what the kids "thought" they heard......tow buck tow, ten two two, ten by two. We have laughed all day long listening to them. Finally, when Sissy got home this evening she got them saying it correctly. So the question of the day was......just what IS ten buck two?? Well, today, ten buck two was a trip to get a sno-cone! They weren't sure that was actually ten buck two, but the sno-cone was really, really good!!

I have taken a bunch of pictures in the past couple of days. When I get home and get them loaded on my computer, I will get some posted on here.

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