Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ironic justice?

I was so ticked off this morning! I had just dropped the kids off at school and was heading back home when some JERK in a black Mustang blew by me....and the garbage truck in front of I was sitting still. He obviously didn't care one bit that there was also a car coming right at him. Well, as he passed me I had the same thoughts as I often do when other idiots do such things.....It would be great to see him pulled over up the road with a cop sitting behind him, or maybe slid off into a ditch! Ha.....what I saw instead was that little black Mustang wrapped around a tree in a mangled mess!! There were a couple of other cars that had come up on the side road that were already stopped and out to help....and I had daycare babies with I went ahead on. I just couldn't believe it.....having the thoughts that I'd had and then seeing that! Ok, so then I had just passed that and getting near home when a big truck was heading in my direction. Apparently he was not going fast enough for the 2 cars following him because they drove right around him, into my lane....headed right for me!! I almost came to a complete stop to avoid being hit! As the trucker passed by me, my hands and his were in the air as if to say "What the hell"?? I was really glad to get home. As if that wasn't quite bad enough.....I'm not finished yet! A little later, on the way home from picking Emily up, another impatient driver came flying up on my bumper. This time, there was a cop in the right place at the right time!! I gladly watched as he got pulled over!!

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