Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The birthday girl

She got her chocolate cake with chocolate icing.....and LOTS of sprinkles! The weather was beautiful, although very windy, all weekend. We made it to the park for a little while on Sunday. I think she had a good fifth birthday....even if it was spread out a bit! She got gifts from Granny & Paw Paw and Sissy when we were down there for Christmas. Then we pretty much spread her birthday out over the entire weekend....happy birthday wishes on Friday, cake on Saturday, going to the park and spending birthday money from Grandma and Grandad on Sunday and finally getting some new boots from Momma and Daddy on Monday! Here are a few pictures.....

The beaters may have been the best part

We didn't have birthday hats, but New Years hats work just as well!

At the park on Sunday

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Steph said...

Look how big and beautiful she is!!! Happy belated birthday!

A's mom


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