Friday, May 9, 2008

Look Momma, no training wheels!!

Emily needed her seat height adjusted and training wheels tightened. When I finished that, she hoped on and took off. As I was watching her, I realized that her training wheels were not even touching the ground. Jeff said I should just take them off. I called her over and told her she should learn to ride without them and she could ask Santa for a new "big girl" bike for Christmas this year. So she ask if I could just take them off now! I did....and she took off! There was no hesitation, no whining....and NO wrecking. (we experienced all of the above plus some with the boy!!) She just took off. Within about 30 minutes she was taking off on her own without me holding on to get her started and she was making the turn to come back to where she started. She is growing up so fast.

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Brandie said...

GREAT pics!!!! I haven't got on here in a while because I didn't realize you had the computer back up and running. I need to update my own more often...but nobody ever looks at it. Hope everyone is doing well up there. I guess I will probably be seeing you all in a couple of the mean time, lots of love and hugs and kisses!!!


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