Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our latest camping trip

Even though it was between 105 and 110 over the weekend, we had a great time! We took the kids to Dinosaur World on Saturday. We saw "life size" dinosaurs, the kids went on a "fossil dig" and of course they both got souvineers before we left! Sunday we took a drive into a local town and checked out the area. We had lunch and just enjoyed being anywhere there was an AC!! We drove a few more miles to check out another State Park before heading back to the camper. The kids got to swim in the river and a lake. They chased "critters" around our campsite and we drove around the campground looking for deer. It was a fun, relaxing weekend!! Of course I took a ton of pictures!

Heading across the river looking for dinosaur tracks

Posing with some of the first dinosaurs we came across

Getting really hot and sticky on the trail

I just thought this was a cool shot

"Digging" for fossils

We really needed a cold drink when we finished

Bath time!

Swimming in the lake

Running for the beach after seeing a SHARK! Actually it was a turtle, but it took some convincing for Wyatt to believe that! It was quite funny!!

Looking for the "shark"/turtle

You can see it's head in this shot...along the far left side towards the top of the picture

Checking out the "tracks"

One of the critters we followed

And another....a baby armadillo!! The kids loved this one....Emily wanted soooo badly to pet it!!!

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Steph said...

*phew* this heat has been sweltering, hasn't it?

Trip looks like fun!! LOVE all your pics and good job capturing the "shark" in your photo :)


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