Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too big for their own good!

So this morning on the way to school, the kids informed me that I could just take them to the back. The back of the school is the car drop off line! I guess they were telling me that I was NOT to go into the building with them today. Little did they know, I had NO intention of going in today.....I simply ran a brush thru my hair and put on my grungy cleaning clothes this morning. Yep, my house will wonder what I'm up to in just a bit!

They did have a great day yesterday though. While I was waiting to pick them up, Emily came down the steps with a HUGE smile on her face! Before she could even get in the truck she started telling me what a great day she'd had and going on about it....going to the gym for PE was a very important part of it as was going to the *BIG* playground for recess (in pre-k they go to a small playgound area)! Wyatt seemed to enjoy changing classes and having 3 teachers. Funny, going to the gym for PE has always been a favorite part of his day too.

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Mom and Dad of the Brock Twins said...

We are having the girls' bday party Saturday... I sent you an evite (hopefully I had the right address). We would love to get to you and your kids again!


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