Monday, April 6, 2009

Can you hear me screaming??

I have birthday cake pictures....really, I do. However, they are stuck on the memory card in my camera. And once again, my camera and my computer are having issues with one another!! They seem to be feuding more than the kids these days. I'll be seeking help tomorrow! Stay tuned for cake pictures. In the meantime, here is a bluebonnet picture for you.


pam said...

Good luck getting the glitch sorted out. What a gorgeous flower!!

Mom and Dad of the Brock Twins said...

Hanna (not sure how to spell) is in the girls class at daycare. This little girl came up to us while we were getting their jackets rounded up and I heard the teacher call her Hanna... I looked down and saw the massive blue eyes and said I know her from somewhere... then I remembered where I knew her from. What a small world! We miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

i love you


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