Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family picnic and kite flying

In celebration of Earth Week, the kids school had a family night. Last year I forgot to take my camera and kicked myself for such a mistake...I missed snapping some beautiful sites! There were so many kites in the air at the same time, it was just awesome. I was so looking forward to snapping it this year. So much for that idea....the wind was soooo horrible that day. A few kids were able to get their kites up, but for the most part they came crashing down pretty quickly. Wyatt had his up a few times, and fought really hard to keep it up...he managed to have a good time with it.
Emily gave up and handed her string over to daddy....and she would chase after it when it came down. She also found one of her friends to have fun with.
Even with all the wind, and very few kites to see...we had a good time watching the kids run around and enjoy themselves.


lagirl said...

Great photos!
I could actually see the "free spirit" of your kids. LOL FUN!!

MyOwnLittleCorner said...

Love the photos. They bring back many good memories from when my darlings were young.


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