Saturday, September 26, 2009

A future Leader?

We had a family night at school this week.  Actually, we've had them the last two weeks....each grade level is having them on different nights.  It's nice, they are taking an opportunity to give parents information about report cards, testing, curriculum....and basically what the students will be working on this year to be promoted to the next grade level. Anyway, this week was for the 1st grade parents.  So Emily's teacher catches up to me and says she has the cutest story about Emily she has to share with me.

To start the story off, you should know that the kids school has a student council.  I believe in kindergarten each teacher selects a student from their class to participate (at least that's how it was when Wyatt was in he was a member), but I was under the assumption that in the other grade levels the selection is a bit different.  At any rate, Emily and I have had discussions about the student council and she decided she would like to be a member too.  I told her she would need to ask her teacher about it. Apparently she has done just that!  It's my guess that maybe she is driving her teacher a little nuts about it.  Okay, knowing that, here is how the conversation with her teacher started......"So Emily has been asking me about being on student council and I think she would be perfect, I'm going to put her name in"!  Then she goes on to tell me about their discussion in class....they are learning about their leaders.  In this discussion, she ask the kids if they could tell her who one of their leaders are.  She was calling on students who had their hands raised to answer.  She said she got to Emily, who was being very patient, and Emily's response was...."I know TWO leaders, YOU and ME"!!  She laughed and said that was a story she went home and told her husband about!  Something tells me that Em will make a pretty good little leader with that kind of confidence!!  Should we be thinking future Congresswoman, Senator or even President??? :)

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