Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Aunt Linda is at it again!!

Thanks again......Emily just loves it and so does Momma!!

Granny was thinking that I told her 50's day was Friday (for homecoming week spirit/dress up). So she and Aunt Linda got the great idea of making Em this adorable skirt and sending to her. Well, 50's day was actually on Monday and the skirt came in the mail (as a HUGE surprise) on Tuesday! Ha.....there is absolutely NO disappointment about it missing 50's day on this end though! She loves this skirt so much, I wasn't sure I was going to get it off her last night. She put it on to make sure it fit....and then we had to take pictures....and then she had to dance around it, you know, to make sure it twirled properly!! Reluctantly, she took it off then. When daddy got home from work, it would not be enough to SHOW him the skirt....she had to try it on again!! I'm thinking this will be great for Halloween. They have another week later in the school year where they "dress up" every day.....I'm thinking it is drug awareness week. Anyway, there is usually a 50's day thrown in that week so Emily will be prepared this year!! Thank you Granny and Aunt Linda...this was a great surprise!!!

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