Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mr. Bear!

So Wednesday Wyatt came home and wanted to know who the "leader" of Texas is. Jeff ask if he meant the Governor? Yes, that's what he meant. Jeff told him it was Rick Perry. Wyatt was so excited.....if he was the first one to give that answer to his teacher the next morning, he would get to bring Mr. Bear home for the night. We took the opportunity to discuss who the President is while we had him on the subject. That was a little more than he was interested in.....after all, he only needed to the know the Governor! Well since I don't get the kids to school until just before the tardy bell rings, I didn't expect him to come home with the bear. Ha....I was wrong! I talked to his teacher after the fact. She said it was so funny, she saw him come into the class from across the room. He came in with a mission. He went straight to her and said "Rick Perry"! He was one of the last ones in, but the first one to give her a name. Needless to say he was pretty excited about having Mr. Bear for the night.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a handsome grandson Grandaddy and Grandma have. You look great with that bear. We think you are really smart remembering who the governor of Texas is.


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