Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do we.....or don't we??

So today is the day we sign up for fall T-ball. We had been planning to start Emily this fall because we have been told the fall season is less hectic and is more laid back. Since she is younger we thought that would be a good thing. Well, I've been thinking and Jeff and I have been talking and we have decided not to put her in for now. Jeff was kind of feeling like maybe we should wait another year (Wyatt was just shy of 6 when he started and Em won't even be 5 till January!). I think we need to find something that is "hers".......Bubba has his thing (sports) and Em could have her thing. So I think I will start looking for some sort of tumbling/dance class that we can try out. As much as she loves being outdoors with the bugs and snakes and frogs, she also loves to wear dresses and have painted nails and pretty hair things. Anyway, I discussed this idea with her. Her first questions was......"you mean like a ballerina?" Ha, maybe a dance class is just what we need!!

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