Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fright Fest at Six Flags

We took the kids last night. We had a really good time....even though it was way to HOT! Yep, I am more than ready for lower temps....and rain!

So, the boy is....well, for lack of a nicer way of putting it, he is quite a wimp. Don't get me wrong, I love my son, but I swear he is afraid of his own shadow at times. With that in mind, imagine our surprise when he informed us yesterday that if Emily would go with him, (yes, I said Emily....his LITTLE sister!) he would ride the kids roller coaster! We knew she would ride, she rode it last year. First thing we did was to let them walk through the little trick or treat area they had set up and then we headed across the bridge to the other kid rides. As we caught site of the coaster (with very little line) I heard Wyatt say "never mind, I don't wanna ride". Ummm, nope, not gonna be that easy on you son! I told him the line was really short so now would be the time and we ushered him on into the line. At first he wasn't happy. The look on his face said it all. I ask him if his heart was pounding, he said YES. Emily tried to tell him he would like it. He didn't though....untill the second loop around. He came scrambling off off that silly ride wanting to get right back in line to ride again! Emily is more than excited...she likes the ride but would never go by herself.

Later we spotted one of those games where you swing a huge mallet and attempt to ring the bell....only this was a kid sized one and every swing wins a prize. Poor Em, she gave it her all, but still couldn't get the bell to ring. She won a prize anyway, but that just wasn't good enough for her....she wanted to ring that bell. Daddy came to her rescue and with a little help, she made it happen. Their prizes were these capes. Both kids thought they were something special....along with all the other kids walking around Six Flags sporting their hard earned prize! After several rides and a Halloween show we were ready to head home.

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