Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shhh, don't tell him!!

But I think I am going to be taking Wyatt to the Dickies 500 at TMS next Sunday!! A HUGE thank you to Granny & Pawpaw! They are season ticket holders and got an offer to send 2 free tickets to anyone of their choosing. Wyatt and I are the lucky ones!! He has been to a Busch race and a few truck races, but never a Cup race and he has been driving us nuts wanting to go to this race! I'm not going to tell him just yet...he'll be so excited we won't be able to stand him if he finds out this soon. We are all going to the truck race on Friday night. That should be a ton of fun. One of the drivers he keeps a close eye on is going to be making an appearance early in the day and then they are going to have trick or treating on the midway before the race starts. The kids know we are going to that race and they are both pretty excited about it. Before all the race action next weekend, we are going to have a BLAST this weekend!! We are going camping!! Both kids are on the countdown....and the weekend is not getting here fast enough for them!

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