Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Honestly, is there anything more fun than listening to your kids giggle?? We are sitting here watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Wyatt LOVES Snoopy....Emily doesn't care for Lucy, "cause she's mean". They are being true "giggle boxes" tonight!!

On another note....I've already given Wyatt the great news about the race. The excitement on his face was unbelievable! He hugged me and thanked me...to say the least, he is thrilled and can NOT wait until Sunday! We are sure to have a great time. Emily is looking forward to spending some time with Daddy.

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Susan Whaley said...

Robbie - I just LOVE looking at your blog! Pics are AWESOME and I get to live vicariously through you - we just get to give rawhide treats to our 'kids!'

Keep it up...I'll keep checking in from time to time and see what you're up to. Also - my parents said to tell you HI!

AND, when I can find a few extra minutes, I'm going to scan and send you pics from our Clarks Hill Elementary yearbook!

Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween!


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