Thursday, February 5, 2009

My 100 year old kids

They were so excited about today! I found each of them a pair of glasses that looked suitable enough and they each had a cane. Wyatt wore his slippers and a warm sweater. Em had saggy stockings and I put her hair in a bun. I thought they looked pretty cute, but more importantly THEY thought they looked old!!
I guess this is his *old* face??
The crowns....that's story enough for a whole nuther post!! :(


B said...

Those are some ancient kids. Even at that they are pretty cute.

Thanks for making yourself known on my little blog! I love comments, and I LOVE visitors. said...

They are adorable. I hope they had a "100%" good day. Thank you for letting me know about the little "tools" on my blog. I am a self- taught-computer-oldie-myself, so I'm just guessing. Your page is great.

Brandie said...

HAHA!!! I love it!! They are SO cute!! I hope they both had a great 100th day!!


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