Friday, February 13, 2009

Awww, what a sweet kid....

sometimes! This morning she bounces out of bed all excited about passing her Valentine cards out at school today. She's in the middle of babbling on about it when all of a sudden she breaks into "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday"...umm, sorry Em it's not today! But it's Valentines day! Nope kiddo, not till tomorrow. She wasn't thinking that they are passing out Valentines a day early because of tomorrow being Saturday. She was a bit disappointed that it's not my birthday today...but decided that was okay, she could sing tomorrow! Add to that the "thanks for dropping us off, Momma" as she got out of the truck at school this morning and you could almost consider her downright sticky (sweet)!! When she wants to be....ONLY when she wants to be!

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