Monday, February 9, 2009

She's my girl!

This is what I heard coming from Emily....sitting in the backseat of the truck yesterday.
1, 2, 3...99, 100...108, 109, 200!
201, 202...208, 209, 300!
301, 302...308, 309, 400!

Just to be clear, the dot, dot, dot is just me skipping ahead. She really did count the numbers that should be there. She just did a lot of skipping between 109 and 200, 209 and 300...well, you get the point! It went on like this until she reached 1009. As you might guess...she then hit 2000!!! The thing is, she really can count properly!! I guess she just wanted to make it way up there and this was a pretty quick way of doing it.

Before this awesome counting, I was taking some pictures of the kids playing outside. I had called for Em to come to me and she was not happy about might see a hint of *pout* in her face.


Anonymous said...

Oh baby girl pouts or not you are beautiful. Granny and PawPaw are coming to see you this weekend.
Love you all.

Brandie said...

"UGH...whatever"...can't you just hear her thinking it!!! (you have to think it in a 5 going on 15 voice) lol...even with that face on, she takes such a beautiful picture!! Loves and Kisses


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