Friday, February 6, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

At dinner last night, Jeff and I were attempting to have a conversation. Emily starts with "Momma...Momma....MOMMA"! I stopped talking and looked at her. Instead of taking that as a *chill out a sec, I'm talking to your father*, she assumed it was her cue to speak. "Did it hurt to get Bubba out of your tummy"? She was quickly reminded that it is rude to interrupt when someone is talking. That conversation was safely delayed for a while longer!

As far as the boy is concerned, because of that dinner last night....I am THE "best mom ever"!! His words, not mine. Only because I fixed a meal I almost never fix. We had fat, juicy hamburgers, french fries and grape soda! In my own defense, the french fries were actually baked not fried. I've been hungry for a good burger and don't the best ones come from home anyway?


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Any Mom willing to put together a meal of homemade burgers and fries is the best Mom ever in my book too. My kids would love a meal like this! As you said, nothing really tops all things homemade. :)


PS: Love that you put off the conversation with your daughter re "where babies come from." I would totally have done the same thing.

Brandie said...

LMAO...HA...ROLLING, seriously!!! Didn't we always know that Emily would be the first one to ask the hard questions. Wyatt is smart, but Little Miss is just plain shrewd!!! That is just freaking hilarious!!! Tell them I love them! (love you too)


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