Monday, January 26, 2009

Because sprinkles just make it more fun!

I'm trying to be more healthy...really, I am! More veggies and lean meat, brown rice instead of get the picture. But honestly, giving up chocolate is just NOT going to happen for me! I can say I will cut back, but that's not likely to happen either. Anyway, with that said, you will understand how easy it was for me to oblige when Emily requested chocolate cake as a "yummy treat" for tonight. The child wanted chocolate cake, the child (and her momma!) will have chocolate cake. And yes, the sprinkles will make it so much more fun for little Miss!!

Besides, how was I supposed to say NO to this??? (the little monster has been striking this pose whenever she has seen me with the camera lately!)


lagirl said...

A life without sprinkles would be a terrible waste! YOu might even think about putting it on your brown rice. Ya think?

Julie said...

You cannot say no to that face. It's impossible.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back soon!!!


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