Thursday, January 29, 2009

Been an interesting week

I tried to post this late yesterday...Thursday...not sure if the bigger issue was my connection to the net or blogger, but whatever, this is a day late being posted!!!

The kids got out of school early on Tuesday and didn't go at all on Wednesday...thanks to the ICE! I was so hoping we would get at least a little snow so that we could play in it.

Today I went on yet another field trip. The kindergarten classes went to the stock show...yes, Emily and I walked around the stock show for a second time this week! It was fun though. I think it must have been "school day"....there were big yellow school buses lined up forever to unload. So we got to see some things that we didn't when we went with Daddy and Bubba. I did something I almost never do...I went withOUT my camera today. I did this on purpose! I decided to actually enjoy the trip WITH Emily instead of through my view was nice.

Our week will finish up with Em's dance class tomorrow evening, Wyatt's basketball game Saturday evening and finally the Superbowl on Sunday!! GO STEELERS!!!!!

On a blog note....
I got an award!! lagirl from Sweet Tea passed this along to me! You can click here to go visit her blog, or she is also in my blog list, over there -->> on the side bar. Now the rules indicate that I should pass this along to ten friends on my blog list, but since I have only recently started following more blogs (and have very few readers myself) I am going to leave it here and let whoever would like to have this award on your blog grab it!! Thanks again, lagirl!

The only picture I have today is one I took when it was so cold the other day. Actually I took several pictures, but I just posted similar shots a couple of weeks ago....and come on, ice pictures are ice pictures!! It's not great because it was taken from inside...through the window with a screen. I just love watching my cardinals come to the front porch to eat!!

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lagirl said...

It sounds like a day well spent with your little one. Glad you had a break in the weather so you could go. . .Great photo!!


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