Friday, January 2, 2009

An excited little girl!

Maybe too much excitement? You see, I pulled out the Barbie house today....the one that has been tucked away in a closet for some time now. The one that Sara played with as a little girl! Yes, Emily is hog heaven! Actually, she has been for the better part of a week. When we headed south on Christmas day, a bag packed with her things went with us. She was going to be staying with Granny & PawPaw for a whole week!! And to top it off, this meant that she was staying with Sara also! (The sun pretty much sets and rises in her sisters'.) So she went and did fun things. Upon her return, she got to pull out and play with all of her Christmas toys that got left behind when we headed south. OK, lets add this all far we have a week of fun with Granny, PawPaw & Sara, Christmas toys and a Barbie house. And we're not finished yet! This afternoon I filled out the paperwork for her new dance class and she got measured for the costumes she will be wearing for her recital this spring. Oh yeah, she has also been bouncing....yes, bouncing....around the house reminding us that she will be 6 years old on Sunday!! Oh the joys of an incredibly excited little Miss!!
One of the fun places Granny & Pawpaw took her....Schlitterbahn.
Mmm, hot of her favorites!
Posing with Sara.

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