Friday, January 2, 2009

Just doing some thinking...

So, I'm not into the "resolution" thing....never have been. I guess I just know that trying to make and then keep a resolution....well, I'd be setting myself up for failure! I do, however, think the start of a new year is a great time to make some needed changes in ones life. That being said, there are a few things I am going to work on. I guess I'm hoping by posting them here....maybe I will be a bit more "accountable"!
First and foremost, I really want to be a more patient momma! Wyatt and Emily seem to go non-stop! Maybe I don't remember it being like this with the girls because I was younger and had more energy? Whatever the reason, I need to be more patient with them...I want to be more patient with them! This will not be an easy task...especially with Wyatt. We seem to "butt heads" more often than not these days. For whatever parenting, his personality, maybe a little of both or a lot of something else, just not sure....he is throwing more fits and seems so angry while in the midst of them. I consider myself a happy, positive, caring person, so this really bothers me! How do I "make" my child into a happy boy? I will work hard on this one!
I want to improve as a wife! Don't get me wrong...Jeff and I have wonderful relationship and a terrific marriage!! But I need to take better care of myself and our home. I need to prepare better, healthier meals and keep a cleaner, more organized home. We don't live in a pig sty...but my organizational skills are rather lacking! I need to get up and move know, the *e* word(exercise)!!! I've never been good at it. As a kid, I was pretty active. In school I played volleyball and basketball. As an adult....well I just have NOT! So, something else to work on.
There are other things I want to work on, but these are the more important ones for now. I'm wondering if doing some things for myself will be the long my quest to be a more patient momma and an improved wife? For instance, several years ago, I started digging into my family history...genealogy...and I loved it. But I pretty much put it all aside when Wyatt came along. I had it out and did a little work a couple of times, but it always got pushed away again. I think I will pull it all out and start again with my searches. Another thing I really want to do...and keep up with! (Mom, please be patient with me!!) Is learn to knit!! I can do long she is sitting next to me working on hers too....and then I put it down and the next time I pick it up, I just can't seem to make my fingers work like they should! I know I can do this...I will do this...I HAVE to do this!! After all, I've already purchased the yarn to make Sara a beautiful scarf!!! :)
Stay tuned for more changes I would like to start working on this year! Oh, one more thing I would like to do....increase my "readership" in this blog. So, if you know of friends or family who might be interested in keeping up with us and ours....please feel free to send them the link! And don't forget....I LOVE comments!!! ;)

Love to all!!

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