Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emily!!

It was six years ago (just about this time!) that she first made her appearance. She has been so excited about turning SIX!! We started the day off by taking the kids to Peter Piper Pizza. We had never been before so thought this was a great day to try it out. We had a great time. The birthday girl was the lucky winner! She hit the "JACKPOT" in one of the games she was playing...that crazy game spit out 400 tickets! She had a great time choosing little bracelets and candies from the prize selections! She got some birthday money from Grandma & we went shopping. She needed new dance shoes (tap shoes and ballet slippers), so Daddy and Momma added enough money to get the shoes and a new leotard & tights. She is all set for her dance class. From Granny & PawPaw she got a new book and hippo...from "Kohl's Cares for Kids". Instead of baking her cake this year, I bought one. She picked out a chocolate with chocolate icing....she is MY daughter after all! I think she would agree that this has been a great day to turn SIX!!

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Krista said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!


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