Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Excellent" behavior when it counts!

A few days ago I posted about Wyatt and I "butting heads". I have been trying hard to be more patient with both of them...for the most, I feel like I'm succeeding. We/they still have our moments, but I can see things improving...even if it seems slow at times. OK, so this is what is going on at home. School is a different story. Report cards came home today. They both have an "excellent" for their conduct grades. I expected this with Emily...she has not had 1 "color change" (this is a method our school uses to determine/grade conduct) this year. Wyatt has had a few color changes. They have been for pretty minor things, but color changes all the same. I guess the important thing here is that both kids do a fine job of behaving themselves when it really counts....when they are away from Momma and Daddy!
As for the rest of their report cards, they are both doing great in all academic areas also! They seem to be following in both their big sisters footsteps. Wow....we are lucky parents!!

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